Monday, January 18, 2016



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This is a story of a cosmic relationship in the ethers between two kindred spirits! Janis Joplin, whose 73rd birthday will be January 19th, 2016 and Flash Silvermoon who mystically reflects on their story in her book “Janis Joplin and Me: 40 Years of Music and Magic.”

Janis and Flash have had an ongoing friendship that began during a chance meeting in real time on this earth plane and at the very beginning of Janis’s career. This unusual camaraderie continues to this day through space and time. 

Even though Janis has been in the ethers since 1970, she continues to make her presence known. The two have formed a cosmic meeting of minds and souls and have become kindred spirits as Janis continues to communicate in the most mysterious of ways. 

During our interview, Flash Silvermoon and I discuss her work and how her art, writing and music continues to be influenced by Janis’s communication and presence from the “other side.”  

Flash’s old base was NYC and after many years she settled in the quaint area of Melrose, just south of Gainesville, Florida where she continues to work as a psychic, does magic, plays music, produces and hosts a radio show called “What the Animals Tell Me” and communicates with Janis under her old “Grandmother Tree.” 

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Betty Fox of the Betty Fox Band Sings from the Soul...

Originally published on Rock at Night...

The Betty Fox Band melts retro Soul, Rhythm & Blues, Gospel, Jazz and Rock and redefines it for our times. With a powerhouse voice and incredibly skilled musicians in her band, this lady should not be missed. Betty's incredible vocal range as she growls the notes at the low register and hits the high notes flawlessly is a promise for maintaining star power for a long time.

Rock at Night got to sit down and talk with Betty about how she got started and all about her newest album “Slow Burn.“ She also told us her vision for the next recording, her creative process, her thoughts on the current music industry and how she keeps her voice in tip-top shape. She ended by giving out some wise words to those young musicians just starting out.

A local talent that is getting rave reviews and winning awards everywhere, The Betty Fox Band is heading straight up!  

To listen to the podcast and check out the photography by Chyrisse Tabone, go HERE!

Gina LaMonte aka Mama Gina sings about Nature, Spirituality and Freedom of Expression...

Originally published on Rock at Night...

Rock at Night got to speak with Gina LaMonte aka “Mama Gina” who is a prolific songwriter that has a lengthy musical history of gigging in cover bands on weekends while working a day job as a paralegal. She is a multi-instrumentalist; she plays guitar and various hand drums and has powerful vocals and writes masterful lyrics.

She finally gave up the day job and stepped out in faith to pursue her musical destiny and nothing could have made her happier to be following her bliss! She enchants with her skillfully crafted songs that reflect the energy of the Gods, Goddesses, Spirituality, Healing and Mother Earth.

A lover of sharing her musical gifts live, Mama Gina is a regular on the national Pagan Festival scene and can be seen at house concerts, coffeehouses, special events and busking all over the Tampa Bay area, the state of Florida and beyond. 

She has big plans for 2016 that include a tour and travels out west to the Pacific coast and into otherworldly realms! Don’t miss her when she comes near you and be sure to check out her upcoming events and her music on her site, Soundcloud, Reverbnation and all the social networks. 

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